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Thank You Refresh Collective

Thank you Refresh Collective. Refresh Collective is a 501(c)3 arts and youth development organization whose mission is to REFRESH the HEART of the CITY one song, one shirt and one story at time. A couple of weeks back No Rulz was invited to join Refresh Collective in recording a song titled “This is Me” for their new album "Stories of Struggle and Success." The goal of the album is to refresh others through our stories even as we continue to heal from life’s struggles and share our successes. The album not only features Cleveland adult and youth artists and No Rulz Art, the live instrumentation is from a group of Taiwanese classical students who visited Cleveland last Spring.

Come hear us and other artists perform the new songs at the Bop Stop on Oct 16th between 6pm - 10pm. TICKETS HERE.

Thank you Refresh Collective for helping us build a business WITH people with differing abilities and showing the world that individuals with the label of specials needs are ABLE and given the opportunity, can and do contribute.

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