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Thank You for the New Website

We would like to start by thanking Koby Picker for designing and building our original website. This website opened No Rulz up to the world and allowed us to educate people about our business. Over the past couple of years, No Rulz has grown from a social/recreational business to a for profit business with the goals of empowerment and EMPLOYMENT; We needed our website to reflect that growth.

We reached out to a team of undergraduate Communication, English, and Engineering students at Ohio University and a great local copy writer. Thank you to Dylan Denner, Winter Wilson, Natalie Sova, and the rest of the OU team for doing the leg work and getting the new website ready for polishing. Thank you Lindy Hale for cleaning up our vision and turning our thoughts and ideas into written word.

Thank you to all those that helped us launch our newly formatted website and for helping us build a business WITH people with differing abilities and showing the world that individuals with the label of specials needs are ABLE and given the opportunity, can and do contribute.

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