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Thank You Meghan

Thank you Meghan Drops!!! Meghan is does a little but of everything around No Rulz. Besides for dying, using mostly purples (her favorite), Meghan has mastered the art of setting up for ice dying and folding the apparel for dying. Meghan loves to be at the shows selling and tends to take responsibility of the cash register (she likes to control the money in and out).

Outside of No Rulz Meghan is involved with the community and is a big fan of the performance arts. Meghan is a greeter with the Cleveland Browns and loves spending her Fall Sundays routing on the Brown and Orange. She enjoys signing and dancing and helps with the Dancing Wheels Company.

Thank you Meghan for helping us build a business WITH people with differing abilities and showing the world that individuals with the label of specials needs are ABLE and given the opportunity, can and do contribute.

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