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Thank You Destination Cleveland

We are taking today’s TYT to give a big shout out and thank you to Destination Cleveland, the not for profit organization that promotes, tourism, hospitality and events in and around our wonderful city. No Rulz has just received a License Agreement to use the magical Script Cleveland on our wearable tie-dye art. We plan on using our hometown symbol of pride on our shirts, dresses, baby onesies, and other apparel.

Destination Cleveland is a true reflection of the best of CLE as they promote our community country and worldwide to attract visitors, conventions, and events to the North Coast. Destination Cleveland, their staff, and their team of volunteers are true ambassadors of everything good about our town.

THANK YOU DESTINATION CLEVELAND for helping us build a business WITH people with differing abilities and showing the world that individuals with the label of specials needs are ABLE and given the opportunity, can and do contribute.

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